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Home: The Paper-to-Computer Conversion website Home Page. Scope Levels: Different levels of Paper-to-Computer Conversion Requirements, which determine the output format, conversion time and cost. Formats: The various paper and microfilm/microfiche input formats we can convert from, and the file types and workflow scenarios we can output to. Data Entry: Accurate, timely, and cost-effective Data Entry Services. Pricing: Pricing for Paper-to-Computer Conversion Services. Considerations: Quality, Responsibility and Confidentiality. Contact Us: Contact us for more information. About Us: Background Information about Advanced Computer Innovations, Inc. Site Search: A map of this website, as well as the ability to search the website using keywords.
Home: The Paper-to-Computer Conversion website Home Page. Scope Levels: Different levels of Paper-to-Computer Conversion Requirements, which determine the output format, conversion time and cost.

Broadly speaking, there are four levels of conversion scope, depending on how you plan to use the converted computer files.

Level 1 (Viewable) - Convert as Images only

If you need only to transfer paper documents to computer files for archival storage and occasional viewing, simply scanning them as images is usually sufficient. This is the least expensive option, but the converted files are not searchable for text, and cannot be edited or updated.

Level 2 (Searchable) - Convert as Images and add text content for searches

This is a suitable option if you'd like to transfer paper documents to computer files for archival storage and viewing, but also need to be able to search them for text content. The paper documents are saved as image files, which is what you see when you view them. However, an unformatted text layer is added to each image. This layer is not viewable, so it need not be formatted. However, it contains searchable text that can be used to index, categorize and search your converted files.

Level 3 (Web Publishing) - Convert to web pages for Internet Publishing

This option is for converting paper-based information to computer files for publishing on the internet. The paper documents are first scanned to images. Then, using OCR and layout extraction software, the text and layout of the scanned images is interpreted to produce HTML files for web publishing. Actually, this involves several considerations, such as:

  • Resolving line endings to soft vs. hard returns
  • Interpreting and dealing with layout elements
  • Handling multiple columns, text boxes and insets
  • Analyzing and converting tabular material
  • Special processing of images and graphics
  • Recognizing lists and autonumbering
  • Judicious hyperlinking

The converted HTML files may then be additionally organized or encapsulated into an integrated eBook, eLearning application or other web-based resource depending on your requirement and the nature of the information.

Level 4 (Reviseable) - Convert to Fully Formatted, Revisable and Functional Documents

This is the most complete option. Your paper documents are scanned into images and converted to text, but with many additional considerations:

  • Convert to editable text with formatting and layout
  • Resolving line endings to soft vs. hard returns
  • Accurate conversion of multi-column layout
  • Proper conversion of text boxes and insets
  • Correct layout and matching of tables and tabular material
  • Font matching for your target requirements
  • Proper formatting of lists and numbered paragraphs, with true autonumbering
  • Correct interpretation and placement of headers and footers
  • True insertion of footnotes, endnotes and references
  • Individualized attention to images and graphics
  • Correct entry of equations, formulas and scientific/technical material
  • Professional completion with functioning table of contents, index and cross-references

In addition, special considerations and requirements may apply. For example, paper documents containing technical drawings may require those drawings to be produced for a particular software platform to provide the highest level of useability and functionality.

How we do it

At Advanced Computer Innovations, Inc., we're experienced with jobs at all four levels. Quality conversion of paper documents to searchable, publishable and revisable computer files is a part automated, part manual process.

  • Our long-standing expertise in file conversion and OCR software enables us to rapidly process those portions of the conversion that are most amenable to automation. Having developed some of this software ourselves, we can accurately tweak conversion parameters if necessary for the most accurate, efficient and cost-effective handling of your job.

  • Portions of your conversion that are not readily amenable to automation are handled by experienced personnel specially trained to preprocess and dissect scanned images of your paper documents to yield the best results. These personnel address issues where human judgement is essential, such as:

    • Identifying and selecting layout blocks

    • Special handling of images

    • Attention to document logic such as footnotes and endnotes

  • The finished job goes through additional quality control and inspection to check for OCR accuracy, conformance with your workflow requirements and other details.

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