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Paper-To-Computer Conversion - Scanning, OCR and Data Entry Services

Converting information from paper to computer accurately and cost-effectively ranges from fully automated conversion (scanning and OCR) to purely manual (data entry), with many projects requiring a blend of both. At Advanced Computer Innovations, Inc., we provide a full range of paper-to-computer conversion services. Whether it is typing information from sheets of paper into a computer, or automated scanning and OCR of books and documents, with intelligent layout control and post-conversion processing, we are set up to service your requirements with trained and knowledgeable professional staff for the best possible end-result at the most cost-effective price.

If your organization has considerable information content on paper media, consider the advantages of converting it to digital form. We convert all kinds of paper-based and film-based media:

  • Books
  • Communications
  • Drawings
  • Technical documents
  • Printed manuals
  • Microfilm and Microfiche

Among the many advantages of converting this information to digital form are:

  • Rapid and convenient access
  • Concurrent access from multiple locations
  • No geographical limitations on access to the information
  • Ease of searching through and finding information
  • Suitability for indexing and categorization
  • Meet privacy and compliance regulations
  • Improved information security
  • Easy backup, including multiple backups at secure sites
  • Ease of faxing, emailing or communicating the content
  • Ability to publish information on the internet
  • Savings in storage space
  • Longevity of the media

Converting paper documents to computer media involves more than just running them through a scanner and possibly OCR software. In fact, it is very beneficial to decide beforehand how the converted content will be used, since that determines the scope of the conversion process and the format the information should be converted to. There are, in fact, four levels of scope:

  1. Convert for viewing only

  2. Convert for viewing and searching/indexing

  3. Convert for web publishing

  4. Convert to revisable form.

Click here for more details on these scope levels. At Advanced Computer Innovations, Inc., we help you analyze your needs and work with you to determine the most cost-effective and beneficial scope of conversion for your particular requirements.

That's the difference. We're not just a scanning or data entry house. We understand the importance of workflow management and optimization, and how it affects long-term productivity and cost savings - and we bring to the table this expertise along with our technical knowledge and experience with paper-to-computer conversion technologies. You will be working with an American company, headquartered in Pittsford, NY, with comprehensive local conversion facilities as well as access to offshore resources to provide you with the highest quality and most cost-effective conversion solutions.

Click the buttons above or on the left for more information. Or give us a call, enter a contact request, or send us an email. You will find us to be knowledgeable, cost-effective, and very easy to work with.

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